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Overview and History

L'Arche Greater Vancouver is an intentional community of approximately 120 people sharing life and work together. We have six homes and two day programs and are involved in initiatives of welcome and outreach to the wider community.

Founded in 1974, we are an ecumenical Christian Community which welcomes people from a rich diversity of religions, races and cultural backgrounds.

We strive to support and value each person's spiritual journey. In our homes, people with developmental disabilities and those who assist them, live in a family-like surrounding where meaningful friendships, mutual respect and helping each other discover our gifts and abilities.

"The mission of a community is to give life to others, that is to say, to transmit new hope and new meaning to them. Mission is revealing to others their fundamental beauty, value and importance in the universe, their capacity to love, to grow and to do beautiful things and to meet God." - Jean Vanier.

At our anniversary celebration Rev. Doug Graves gave a history of our community and talked about our mission. You can read it here.

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