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The We All Belong Capital Campaign

The Need

There is an urgent need to create additional safe, affordable housing for adults with developmental disabilities in our community. There is also a need for people to experience the benefits of living in an intentional community. The new L'Arche pictured above will include:

L'Arche: A Place to Belong

L'Arche Greater Vancouver has been supporting adults with developmental disabilities in an intentional community since 1974. The time has come for us to replace our aging facility and grow our mission and so that more people can experience the power of community. In a large city where many people feel isolated and alone, L'Arche is a valuable asset that encourages neighbourliness and a place of belonging.

L'Arche will continue to provide homes and community inclusion programs where people with and without developmental disabilities share life together in community. Unique to this project is the added component of 29 units of affordable housing that will create opportunities for individuals, couples and families to experience """belonging" in a diverse community.

Our Plan

We are committed to building a new L'Arche on our existing property in Burnaby. The total project cost is approximately $29 million. The provincial government has already committed to provide significant funding support. To make our project financially viable we need to raise a minimum of $5 million dollars with the help of donors who are inspired by this vision. However, our desired goal is raise up to $14 million dollars. This will enable us to be debt and mortgage free when we move into our new home in 2021 and allow us to direct more resources to serving the community.

Thus, the We All Belong capital campaign.

Please help us with this important project

To find out more about ways to support the We All Belong Campaign please contact:

Sig Stark, Director of Fund Development
604-435-9544 ex 35


We All Belong Campaign Publications - Download for More Information:

Campaign Summary Brochure

By The Numbers: Financial Summary

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