Community Inclusion Programs

Through daytime activities and outreach, L’Arche community members develop their talents while serving the greater community.


“Community is first of all a quality of the heart. It grows from the spiritual knowledge that we are alive not for ourselves but for one another.”

Henri Nouwen

Community Inclusion Programs

L’Arche operates two community inclusion programs out of its main building on Sussex Avenue in Burnaby, BC. The Emmaus Centre (Emmaus) and Neighbours Helping Neighbours Program (NHN) offer participants the opportunity to achieve their potential through meaningful activities both within L’Arche and in the broader community.

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With over 40 years of experience in fostering inclusion, understanding and belonging, LArche Greater Vancouver is committed to the physical, spiritual and emotional growth of men and women participating in our community inclusion programs. 

Community Living BC (CLBC) is the Crown Corporation responsible for this sector.They find individuals for our programs, arrange visits to L’Arche, and set up interviews with the individuals and their families to ensure the best fit for both the individual and for L’Arche.

Benefits of participation

meet new friends
learn new skills
maintain physical fitness
experience greater independence
improve social and relational skills
enhance dignity and self-esteem  

Benefits to the community

Our community inclusion programs work in partnership with neighbourhood houses, religious organizations and agencies serving seniors and other people with disabilities. Each year, Emmaus delivers over 130 meals and volunteers more than 200 hours in the community, while Neighbours Helping Neighbours serves over 45 customers, providing more than 1,000 hours of valuable service each year.

Emmaus Centre

The Emmaus Centre is a community inclusion program for adults with developmental disabilities. The program provides stimulating activities delivered in a manner that respects the abilities and autonomy of each individual. 

“Sue’s overall quality of life – her sense of self-worth — has improved since she became part of the Emmaus day program.”

Betty Allen, Sue’s mother

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Emmaus is a place of welcome and belonging. Relationships are built through meaningful, recreational, artistic and social activities. A friendly atmosphere is provided where everyone feels valued.

While activities are often conducted in small group settings, the program adapts to each persons particular situation. True to the vision of LArche, each person is seen as unique and with gifts to offer. These gifts are discovered, gently brought forth and celebrated.

Other important aspects of the program are services offered to the LArche community, as well as outreach activities in the wider community.

Emmaus activities:

Friday lunches where guests are invited
cooking and baking for celebrations
prayer time and singing
arts, music and sign language classes
swimming, bowling, shopping and other outings
welcoming guests at L’Arche events

Emmaus outreach activities:

baking and serving cookies at the local food bank
delivery services for Meals on Wheels
recycling services

Who can participate:

The Emmaus Centre accommodates up to 12 individuals with various degrees of abilities, most of whom are living in L’Arche homes. We also welcome individuals with a developmental disability who are 19 years+ and who live with their families or semi-independently.

What are the Pre-requisites?

Hours & location

The Emmaus Centre is located in L’Arche’s temporary Office at #6 – 7541 Conway Avenue in Burnaby, BC, which is on a bus route and close to Royal Oak SkyTrain Station.

Emmaus operates from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. It is closed for all statutory holidays, one week at Christmas, one week for Spring Break and one week for Summer Holidays. Visit our Calendar of Events for updates.

Neighbours Helping Neighbours

Neighbours Helping Neighbours (NHN) is an outreach community inclusion program for adults with developmental disabilities. Program participants, with their program leader, provide outdoor services for seniors and people with physical disabilities who need assistance with outdoor maintenance, such as light yard work, lawn care, and leaf and snow removal.

“I am 91 years old. The crew keeps my ½ acre clean and tidy. They are here from 10 to 12 every Thursday and I serve them pop and goodies. Over the years, I think we have come to enjoy each other’s company on these occasions.”

Harry Hardy, long time NHN customer

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NHN community services provided:

assistance with light yard work and lawn care
leaf and snow removal
outdoor debris cleanup and removal
simple carpentry work
tasks that require physical fitness
delivering Meals on Wheels
serving coffee at a local food bank
recycling at Collingwood Neighbourhood House
gardening at New Vista Seniors Homes

The program has its own vehicles and necessary tools and equipment.

Who can participate:

NHN is a program for physically fit persons with developmental disabilities who are able to follow instructions and who enjoy the opportunity to work with and help others. It is open to both men and women with developmental disabilities over the age of 19.

What are the Pre-requisites?

Hours & location

NHN operates Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 3:30 pm, except for holidays. It is closed for all statutory holidays, one week at Christmas, one week for Spring Break and one week for Summer Holidays. Visit our Calendar of Events for updates.

NHN is based out of L’Arche’s temporary offices at #6 – 7541 Conway Avenue and serves customers in Burnaby, New Westminster, and South and East Vancouver. L’Arche’s temporary office is on a bus route and close to the Royal Oak SkyTrain Station.


Alex at 604 435-9544 ext. 108, Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.


What our NHN customers tell us:

“They are always willing to help trim the bushes, move heavy plants, etc., and when I broke my hip, they made two trips to Red Cross in Vancouver returning equipment.

“We are 86 and 89 years old and they do the work we can no longer do. We look forward to seeing their happy faces. NHN is a wonderful program.”

Admission Information for Community Inclusion Programs

Admission is carried out in partnership with our funding agency, Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) – the provincial Crown Corporation responsible for this sector. CLBC is notified when we have an opening.

“The program offers a social atmosphere where Claudio can interact with his peers safely and in a positive manner.”

—Sarah Pecile about her brother Claudio Pecile

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If you or your family member are interested in L’Arche, and are not yet known in the CLBC system, we advise you to contact them as soon as possible. Click here to visit their website. Once contact is made, a CLBC facilitator will meet with you to assess your or your family member’s program needs, create a support plan and establish funding.

If you or your family member are already receiving some level of support from CLBC, please inform them that you have contacted us and that you are interested in our community inclusion programs.


Call Alex at 604 435 9544 ext. 108 Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.


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