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Your support helps us maintain and update our homes, expand our programs and provide a place for our community members to share and celebrate their gifts.

Give monthly

Monthly giving is one of the best ways to make an impact all year long. It’s easy and convenient.

Make a single gift

You can make your special gift to L’Arche Greater Vancouver online, by phone or by cheque in the mail.

Donate Securities

You can make your special gift to L’Arche Greater Vancouver through a donation of publicly traded securities

Your monthly gift will:
  • Take care of program and capital expenses the government doesn’t cover and that support quality of life.
  • Meet the changing needs of men and women with developmental disabilities, both in our homes and programs.
  • Develop our leadership team, home support teams and assistants with skill training opportunities that enable us to provide quality care.
  • Enable our community members to participate in retreats and other activities that contribute to personal growth.
  • Support property and vehicle upgrades to ensure they remain accessible, safe and comfortable.

Support our We All Belong Capital Campaign

We All Belong is an investment into the future of L’Arche Greater Vancouver. Help us realize the biggest dream in our history.

Donate Securities

Did you know that, if you have shares of a publicly traded company, you can donate them to benefit L’Arche Greater Vancouver?

Learn more:

If you have publicly traded shares in your portfolio, consider donating them to L’Arche.

You will receive a tax receipt for the full market value of the shares at the closing trading price on the day they are received and will not owe capital gains tax on the advantage of the shares from the cost base. Your fund will receive the net value of the sale of the shares less brokerage commission.

For more information, and to begin the process of donating publicly traded securities, please click here

Become an Ark Builder! 

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As an Ark Builder, you believe in the future. You are committed to building something special, right here at L’Arche.

As an Ark Builder, you keep L’Arche afloat by:

  • Agreeing with the mission and mandate of LArche Greater Vancouver.
  • Seeing the need to continue to provide residential and community inclusionprograms for people with developmental disabilities, giving them the opportunity to age in place.
  • Seeing the need to welcome younger individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • Committing to give $500 or more annually.

As an Ark Builder, you will receive:

  • Regular updates on how L’Arche (the ark) is progressing
  • The opportunity to be involved in special projects at LArche Greater Vancouver
  • Invitations to Ark Builder events (1 or 2 annually)
  • Invitations to special events

You can donate online, by phone or by cheque.

If you are interested in becoming an Ark Builder, please contact the Development Office at 604-435-9544 ext 120 or at development@larchevancouver.org. 


Make a Tribute Gift

You can honour a remarkable person who has touched your life. Create a lasting, meaningful remembrance with a tribute gift to L’Arche Greater Vancouver.

You can make a tribute gift:
    • In memory of a relative, friend or colleague who has passed away
    • In honour of a wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation or other special occasion
    • To express gratitude

    When sending an in-honour gift, please include the name and address of the person(s)being honoured and the occasion. A note will be sent notifying them of your gift to L’Arche in their name. In the case of a memorial gift, please include the name of the deceased, the family member to be notified, and his/her address. A note will be sent notifying them of your gift in memory of the deceased.

    Unless otherwise notified, the names of those being honoured or remembered are included in the next edition of our newsletter.

    Phone: 604-435-9544 ext 120

    Mail cheque payable to:

    L’Arche Foundation of Greater Vancouver

  • #6 – 7541 Conway Avenue 

  • Burnaby, BC V5E 2P7

Payroll Deduction Donation

You can make an impact every pay cheque:

If you work for a business anywhere in Canada that supports the United Way, you can designate your donation to the L’Arche Foundation of Greater Vancouver on your United Way pledge form. Please use the Foundation’s Charitable Registration #107597668 RR0001.

In many cases, the employer will match your gift so your contribution makes twice the impact.

Leave a Gift in My Will

When you leave a gift to L’Arche Greater Vancouver in your will you are making a positive impact on the future of the L’Arche community.

Learn more:

Planned giving means planning today to make a future gift through your will. By planning for a gift to L’Arche in your will, you help us achieve our mission to create homes and offer work programs for people with developmental disabilities.

If you are considering giving a planned gift to L’Arche, first contact your financial or legal advisor to discover what would work best for you and then get in touch with our Director of Development to discuss your intentions.

Development Office
604-435-9544 ext 114

While L’Arche receives some government funding for operations, some of our programs are made possible by people like you. Through the generosity of individuals, corporate donations and grantors L’Arche has been able to make updates to our facilities and resources to better serve. Any gift goes a long way in making a difference for the L’Arche community.

LArche Greater Vancouvers day to day operations are governed by the Directors of LArche Greater Vancouver. Assisting us in our mission is the LArche Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to raising funds from non-government sources. The Foundation is also responsible for construction projects, building renovations and extraordinary projects in the LArche community.

The LArche Foundation of Greater Vancouver issues charitable receipts for all monetary donations.

You can donate online, by phone or by cheque.

By phone: 604-435-9544 ext 120

Cheque: payable to L’Arche Foundation of Greater Vancouver

Mail to:

L’Arche Foundation of Greater Vancouver 
#6 – 7541 Conway Avenue 
Burnaby, BC 
V5E 2P7

For more information about donating to L’Arche Greater Vancouver contact: 

Development Office 
604-435-9544 ext 114


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